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Futuristic view of the village. Architect Michael Murray RA

Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans

The step after this is training for different functions.  Work that Veterans did before is not
normal anymore.  That will have to change.  New skills must be acquired as Veteran’s re-
adjust.  Everybody seems to be very eager to complete this change and become
completely functional again. But the core of this is this love that you can see, love that you
can feel, and love that you can touch.

Other classes will be offered to the Veterans at no charge to discover their skills: what they
have become, what they will become, what they are today.  But before they left for the war,
they left as one person and came back another. They need to find that other person in
order to function again, so it will be part of all the series of education, wellness, therapy,
workshops, step by step to work out through PTSD - through the suffering, through the
trauma - others will be done hand on hand, between all of us.


The center will be open to all the Veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan to start
with.  Most of the teachers will be here to support them and help them out will also be
veterans.  In other words, it will be Veterans working with Veterans.  There will be some
programs for Vietnam Veterans, but that will have to be decided as to how that will
function. This is now open to all the veterans coming back from the Middle East.

The center will function in such a way that the core of the organization will be totally
voluntary. The volunteering will be done mainly by the Veterans themselves.  To have the
center to feel like home, they will have to build it.  In other words, not to build stone by
stone buildings, but to build it with their spirit, with their goal, with what they want to see
come out of this project.  It will be their project.

We will start it with a board of Veterans who very much want to help others and
themselves and their families in this process. They are very highly motivated.  I have met
them.  The support is coming from across the country right now because I’ve been
speaking of the project nationally.  It’s a good time to show everyone in this country how
serious this is.  Our streets are already filled with homeless (percent?) Veterans from
Vietnam and this is not acceptable.  

We need to do something.  We are their family.  We are responsible for them and we
need recognize this and do something about it right now.  Each community in this country
should be able to donate time and money to help them rebuild their lives.

We accepted this war.  It’s time to bring closure to it as best we can or we know the rest.
So let’s do it.  These Veterans will decide after speaking in depth with Veteran’s in need
how long and what sort of support, care, rehabilitation that this person will need.  

This will be based on many things from being able to work or not, the degree of trauma
and suffering, the severity of injuries and ability to function as a civilian, i.e. can this
Veteran normally sit a restaurant table without having a flashback or physical pain?  This
type of discovery will enable us to determine the length of time each Veteran will stay.

Our program will offer from probably a few weeks where the Veteran can go through
therapy and a self confidence program to bringing back the self esteem.  If the Veteran
needs an extended stay, then he/she will share in the task to build the center and stay as
long as needed.

We will be there for them. We are not going to turn them out on the street, if they can’t
function. With job training and therapy, they will be able to better help themselves and
their families.  They will be closer to becoming the person they want to be and regain their
place as a family member.

Living Arrangements

We will have some very simple living arrangements for them.  When I say basic-simple, I
mean it won’t be as strict as a monastery or not as deluxe as a three star hotel, but
somewhere in between.  We will provide just what people need to go about their day.  In
other words, the lodging will be comprised of a bed, a couple of drawers; a desk maybe, of
course showers – but just the basics. We don’t want it to be too comfortable so that
people think they are home forever.  The program will be designed to have them work out
their own challenges and by doing this we will remind them that this is a halfway house; it
is one step for them to collect their soul, get their life together. The next step is something

I hope we will have enough room for the families and I think within certain limitations, we
should have places for families.  I see a condo style arrangement, but then again, we will
have to have few and then we will grow from there into something that will function very
well.  I think it is important that we have a center that is totally self-sustained by the
veterans themselves, from the water that we are going to use, to the food that we are
going to eat, to the building that we are going to live in.  Those buildings should be built
partly anyway by them.  And this is why this project is going to be their project.

The Domes

I have chosen domes because of energy savings, efficiency and sturdiness.  The domes
are built with kits.  The pieces are triangular and are very easy to build.  We need
muscles and a crane to build our domes. That is all we need!  The rest will come
together.  We will have people who come from all walks of life, so it will be an excellent
time to put their skills to work for the center.  These particular domes are amazing
because they are fireproof and earthquake proof.  After Hurricane Andrew, one of the
domes were gone, but the dome remained.  I don’t think it is going to float, but the rest of
it is just amazing.  The “A-Dome”, as they are called in Alaska, can be entirely heated with
one fireplace.  There is a dome in Twenty-Nine Palms in the California high desert that
can be entirely cooled with one fan or swamp cooler.

Solar and Wind Power

We need to have solar power and/or wind power, even water power if available.  We need
to be totally self-sustained and ecologically correct.  We need to have regular electricity
as a back-up only and to use water from the city as a back-up only.  We need to function
with the earth again, completely from the roots.  Growing our own food and living with
harmony with the earth.  Many people have never been introduced to the earth.  So this
is the start, really. The beginning of it all is connection between the earth and spirit.


For electricity, some of the triangles can be replaced by windows and there is filtered light
through every part of the house.  So, it’s the best thing there is. The domes can be very
large or small. The price is very affordable.  You can build a large 4,000 sq feet dome that
would cost close to $40,000.  I have the information – not sure if it is precise anymore, but
I have all of that on hand.


We will have an arts and crafts workshop and there may be Veterans who like to weave
baskets and create various crafts.  The art created by Veterans could be put into an art
shop, put on consignment, or sold in a gift shop at the center to provide funding to run the
center and/or pocket money for the veterans themselves.  Some have lost everything and
they will need help to regain their self- esteem.  

On weekends, we can sell crops – the extras to the farmers markets.  We can make
clothing, we can tie die, build chairs, etc.  We will come up with ideas along the way.  We
can sell eggs, chickens, flowers, fruit, host events, concerts, and even a small restaurant.
The opportunities are wide open.  There are many, many possibilities.


I have been speaking since my son’s death across the country.  I always bring to the
audiences the fact of caring for each other and caring for the veterans, and when I say
this I am focusing on the  mothers.

The first view I have is of rows of vegetables and people planting.....
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