·         Train and incorporate veterans into fast growing green construction industry

·         Leverage veteran’s technical skills and knowledge of systems engineering to
modernize green construction to be more like America’s aerospace industry

·         Veterans can lead the way to solve America’s homelessness and build a more
efficient and more resilient future

"One Team, One Fight"

No empty referrals, but effective action.
A real fight accompanied with action to reduce Veterans taking their own
lives by restoring their hope and trust in themselves.

Watch for  NVVA and join a real movement. You make the difference."

William Galvan

The task of minimizing veteran’s suicides is daunting.
Every day brings new challenges into my world as Ft. Carson,
Colorado releases approximately 530 soldiers each month.
It is estimated that 60% of them remain in Colorado Springs area since their departure
from the Army was ill planned and after two or three pay days, they are out of money.
There are no jobs, housing presents enormous challenges to them and their families,
PTSD and TBI has changed the veteran’s world beyond imagination and many of these
challenges leads to incarceration.
NVVA and its affiliated services are much needed.
National Veterans Village Alliance is now formed as a non-profit 501 c3.
It therefore please me to welcome Carl Welty to our family as
“Director of Planning and Architecture”.
I welcome his construction of a description of duties relevant to that position and what
his expertise and experience brings to the position and team.
His position is critical to the construction of our Veteran Village program and goals,
we are indeed blessed with his commitment.
We are creating and sustaining a web site that will lead to the extermination of
veteran suicides
through our village systems and supportive services.
The charter makeup of our core organization is comprised of:

Patrick McCaffrey Foundation;
Veteran Village Recreation and Rehabilitation Center
(who is now partnered with Rocky Mountain Veterans Village)
About Face
The Team Veteran  Veteran and Animal Rescue.

Chief William Galvan NVVA Founder.