Eli PaintedCrow Iraq Veteran, CA
Stephen Edwards Iraq Vet (Patrick's Friend) CA
Michael O'Gorman Coalition, Baja & Ca
Sharon Kufeltd USAF Vet, CA
Karen Meredith Gold Star Mother, CA

My brief quote on my work and philosophy:
My work is about feeding our spirit by expressing my truth in
language that is from my heart, life experience and my
personal truth. It is my hope that people understand that what
we speak we create, and what we fear most is what we call
into our lives. By fighting for peace, we will inevitably fail
because fighting for something is not a peaceful act. To have
peace, we must become that which we desire. In order to
learn how to stop this nation’s cycle of violence, we must
heal our nation’s past acts of violence against others, in
order to see how our present actions affect the future.
Eli PaintedCrow
Nadia McCaffrey was born in Paris and grew-up in the province of Auvergne,
France, she studied the Arts, and nursing. She married an American, Bob
McCaffrey; she immigrated to California, United States in the 60‘s.
She is the founder of Angelstaff, a group of trained volunteers who bring a caring
presence to terminally ill and their families. Her son, Sgt Patrick R. McCaffrey Sr.,
was killed by Iraqi soldiers in an ambush near Balad, Iraq on June 22, 2004, Nadia
was the first Gold Star Mother to allow the media to welcome Patrick at Sacramento
International Airport.
Since, Nadia has travel internationally including the Middle East, speaking of her
son’s life and death, his legacy, his 2 children, Janessa and Patrick Jr, she gives a
face to the war by telling people Patrick’s story.
She speak about his patriotism (Patrick enlisted after 9/11), his compassion that
he had for everyone to his last breathe. Patrick was an advocate & helped  protect
his fellow soldiers to the end as well as the Iraqi  
Nadia McCaffrey has become an international voice for peace, Justice and
responsibility in government. She has been featured world wide in over 30
documentaries, she has appeared in Paula Zhan show, Aaron Brown, Good
MORNING AMERICA with Charles Gibson, TODAY SHOW with Meredith McRay,
SHOW on FOX National, Japanese National Public TV, LE POINT TV(Radio-
Canada), FRANCE3, RTL TV and Radio, ARTE TV EU, etc, many radio shows
(BBC, NPR) magazines (including Vanity Fair & NEWSWEEK, Stern (Germany),
many newspapers, Many Books (in 12 languages), etc…    
In memory of Patrick, she now has dedicated the rest of her life to helping the
war veterans coming home; she wants to give them a second home where they
can unwind and reclaim their lives, giving them the opportunity to be able to
create a better future for themselves and their families with proper training and
care. The Center will allow them to face tomorrow with PTSD and other unseen
scares and keep it under control.                                         
Sgt. Stephen L. Edwards, Jr.
Iraq Veteran, Former California National Guardsman
San Jose, CA
Stephen served for 15 years in the California National Guard.  He joined the California
National Guard in 1991, participating in construction projects in North and Central
America.  He was deployed domestically to guard a chemical weapons facility in 2003.  
Within 6 months he received his orders to report to active duty in Iraq.  While deployed
overseas, Stephen spent 12 months serving in Iraq.  He performed various duties,
including escorting convoys, patrolling military bases and conducting raids.  
As a result of enduring the loss of his best friend and other brothers-in-arms, sustaining
injuries in a roadside bomb, and witnessing the death and destruction of war, Stephen
sustained psychological as well as physical injuries.  Shortly after returning home in
February, 2005, he was diagnosed with acute PTSD.  
Stephen has spent the last two years undergoing treatment and recovering from chronic
PTSD and physical injuries.  His life’s work is now devoted to helping other veterans by
encouraging them to reach out for the treatment any physical and/or psychological
injuries received as a result of serving our country.  He is an advocate for all veterans
and is dedicated to raising public awareness of the lack of resources and support for
veterans returning from overseas deployment.
Stephen holds an Associate of Arts degree in Computer Technology from Heald
College, School of Technology in Milpitas, CA.
Karen Meredith was born in Heidelberg, Germany.  
She spent her childhood living in Europe and the U.S. with her Army father, mother and seven siblings.
A single mother, Karen raised her only child, Ken Ballard, on her own.  She was proud to see Ken serve our country by joining the
Army upon graduation from high school in 1995.
1Lt Ken Ballard was a fourth generation Army officer and was stationed in Bosnia, Macedonia and Germany as an enlisted
soldier.  He then attended college on an Army scholarship and was commissioned as a lieutenant in the Army in 2002.  After
additional training, he returned to Germany for his first assignment as an officer.  Ken was sent to Iraq the day after Mother’s Day
2003 – that was Karen’s Mother’s Day present that year.  Ken said he would make it up when he returned home the next year.  
They never had that date – Ken was killed in Najaf, Iraq, on May 30, 2004.  Thus Karen became a Gold Star Mother, a mom whose
child was killed during war.
Karen has taken a temporary sabbatical from her career as a Purchasing Manager so that she can spend her time speaking out
and working to end the war.  She currently works for a wireless networking company in Silicon Valley.  
When Ken was killed, the Army told Ken's families that he was killed by small arms fire. In September 2005, 15 months after Ken
was killed, the Army notified Ken's family that the circumstances of his death were different than the initial report.
As an activist in the peace community, Karen has worked with American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) on their boots project,
Eyes Wide Open, the Human Cost of War.   She has been a featured speaker at many peace events around the country, and in the
course of her work, has met with the Secretary of the Army, the Inspector General of the Army, and numerous legislators and
officials nationwide. Karen’s continued activism has brought her to work on the advisory board of Veteran's Village.
She was named the 22nd Assembly District of California "Woman of the Year" for 2006 by Assemblywoman Sally Lieber.  Karen
has appeared in various national & local media including PBS Now, Link TV, Air America, NBC Evening News, Current TV, NPR ,
CNN Headline News, Newsweek On Air and CBS The Early Show.  Karen & Ken's story is shown in CSNY DejaVu, Crosby, Stills
Nash & Young's 2008 documentary about the group's Freedom of Speech Tour in 2006.    
Welcome to Our Speaker's Bureau
Christopher Murphy Iraq Veteran (Patrick's Friend)
Social work within a culturally progressive team atmosphere
2005 – Present   North Coast Veterans Resource Center . Eureka, CA.
Transitional Housing Manager
• Coordinate day-to-day operations regarding the Transitional Housing program.
• Responsible for health and safety and compliance with V.A. Grants
and Per Diem criteria.
• Conduct weekly house meetings.
2005 - 2005 Redwood Community Action Agency Eureka, CA
Residential Counselor – Family Services Division         
• Provide peer-style counseling and support, for participants in transitional
housing at the Multiple Assistance Center.
• Conduct teen boy and male resident discussion groups.
• Function as instructor of multiple subject life skill classes.
2001 - 2003  North Coast Veterans Resource Center Eureka, CA                 
Veterans Outreach Specialist-AB2034 S.O.S. (Street Outreach Services)
Contracted through Health and Human Services-Mental Health Branch
• Provided wrap around case management services for homeless/mentally ill•
Developed treatment plan with treatment team
• Street outreach support and referrals
Michael Murray RA
Architect, CA
Marc Knipper MA, MSW, Veteran
Associate Social Worker

• Functioned as a Family Liaison Counselor
• Case managed (ten) teenage boys in a group home
• Coordinated weekly Substance Abuse Groups.
1998 California State University Long Beach, CA
• Masters in Social Work
1989 San Jose State University San Jose, CA
• Bachelors in Fine Art (ceramics)
• Minors in African American History
I'm running for Delta Trustee because education is something I am
passionate about as a veteran. I believe Delta College is an anchor
of our community and must be saved from its current condition.
Conditions which I am on record as addressing for over three years
now. It is because of people like me who have the courage to speak
up that a Grand Jury investigation was conducted. I believe the
current Board members have become comfortable in their positions
and lost touch with the communities they serve. I believe I can
refocus that lost connection to the community and bring integrity and
accountability to the Board. I am a proud graduate of Delta and
thankful for my education received as it has broadened my horizons
exponentially. I want to see that proud tradition continue for the
community including my own children and our veterans.
Mote is a VeteransVillage.org board member and an veterans'

We realize that agribusiness opposes the vision of holding onto family
farms, and opposes strengthening our rural communities and family
farms that are growing local produce. 90 percent of the fuel spent in
our food production system is the distribution, only ten percent in
actual production. So let’s grow the produce closer to home. Let’s
grow our own fuels. Let’s support the Midwest and get out of the wars
in the Middle East. Let’s bring veterans back to work on our farms as a
place to heal and to gain vocational training. As the people who are
taking care of the land and feeding the country, we can help bring our
country back to earth and get it a little more grounded, and offer not
just a protest against the war but a positive alternative of a better way
of living and a more democratic society based on the Jeffersonian
concepts of distribution of land, production, wealth and power.
We talk to vets and they are very excited about the project. All of us
who went into farming as young men and women were attracted to
farming. The military has an attraction for young people. It has to do
with having a sense of purpose. It has to do with having a sense of
camaraderie, and a sense of working for a common good. Also it’s a
way of feeling your oats and strength and physicality. We think the
farm is an alternative lifestyle. It’s a peaceful alternative for young
people who are drawn to the military. You know, “Be all you can be.”
Yes, be all you can be, but leave the guns out of it.
Mary Tillman Gold Star Mother, CA

Mary Tillman is the mother of Patrick Daniel Tillman who left an NFL career to
join the Army after September 11th, 2001.  He was killed in Afghanistan in April
2004.  Due to conflicting information in documents and testimonies, Mary and
her family pushed for a congressional hearing.  In April of 2007 the
Congressional Oversight Committee deemed there was a cover up in the death
of Pat Tillman.  Mary has written a book about her son and the suspicious
circumstances surrounding his death, Boots On The Ground By Dusk: My Tribute
to Pat Tillman.
Mary worked for San Jose Unified School District for fifteen years.
Eleven of those years she taught emotionally at risk students and students with
mild to moderate learning disabilities.
Teach Peace Foundation

David J. Dionisi is a former military intelligence officer
and published author of American Hiroshima.
American Hiroshima describes the next 9/11 attack in the United States and
what can be done to prevent it.
For information about the book:

Meeting the Needs of Iraq War Veterans

“When the Troops Come Home: Meeting the Needs of Veterans of the Iraq
and Afghanistan Wars”

Joint ventures with various corporate, interfaith, community, private and government
Knowledge of business/corporate/community /government aid resources.
In-service presentations to corporations, community agencies, and the media.
Marketing /resources/surveys/research/business plans/grants.
Responsible for all reporting and analyzing in the fourth largest county in California.
Supervisory experience. Responsible for hiring staff of twenty.
Excellent communication skills.  Fiscal administration for two facilities/programs.
Public relations/event coordination.  
Database of over two hundred corporations that donate to seniors and the underserved.
Mote Sanchez Iraq Vet, CA

The proposed robust American World Service Corps (AWSC) builds the peaceful, productive 21st century army that we need
to augment our military troops.  Building this AWSC reduces the need for combat, and thereby erases hatreds and wounds
combat leaves behind.  People's Lobby/s AWSC Congressional Proposals, which Congresswoman Woolsey has agreed to
introduce in this session of Congress, needs your help in obtaining enough cosponsors to pass in this Congress.
If enacted as written in the next Congress, each year for the next seven years approximately 140,000 Americans would
voluntarily choose to serve in their choice of the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Habitat for Humanity, Head Start, Doctors
Without Borders, Red Cross, International Rescue Committee, OxFam, Mercy Corps, State Conservation Corps, and other
qualified local non-profits.  By the seventh year, one million American World Service Corps volunteers of all ages, or less
than .4th of 1% of those aged 18-70+, would annually serve for a year or two at home or abroad in the aforementioned
existing governmental and non-governmental organizations.  Only after 20 years could Congress consider sun-setting the
AWSC legislation.  
In order to enter the 22nd century with dignity, we need the robust AWSC to leave life safer and saner for you and yours.  The
AWSC will keep us out of future trillion dollars wars, invest in doing good only a fraction of what Iraq has cost us, recycle
most of its investment into the American economy by rewarding volunteers with their choice of four years of college tuition or
equivalent investment in IRA and Medical Savings Accounts, or home down payments.  The AWSC will begin rebuilding our
infrastructure, character, world image, and public policy IQ.
The proposed legislation has at least six traditional taxing and six nontraditional non-taxing funding mechanisms.  If
visionary leadership pushed the nontraditional revenue streams, they could potentially eliminate any reliance on taxing to
fund the AWSC investment.  All funding raised by the nontraditional and voluntary funding streams would go directly into an
escrowed account dedicated to funding only the AWSC.  Learn more at www.worldservicecorps.us and read the proposed
legislation at :
Nadia McCaffrey Gold Star Mother, CA
William McDonald Vietnam Combat Veteran

Bill McDonald, served with the US Army in Vietnam in 1966 and 1967. He was a crew
chief/door-gunner on Huey helicopters (UH-1D). He was with the 128th Assault Helicopter
Company stationed in Phu Loi, South Vietnam. He was awarded numerous medals,
including: The Distinguished Flying Cross, The Bronze Star, 14 Air Medals and the Purple
Heart. McDonald graduated with his BA degree from the University of San Francisco. He also has an AA degree from San
Jose City College. He is now retired from the USPS where he was a Safety Manager. He currently resides in Elk Grove,
California. He went back to Vietnam in 2002, with a small group known as "The Peace Patrol" - to help build a bridge of
peace with his former enemies. That journey was reported on the Sacramento’s local NBC TV station KCRA and helped
generated renewed attention for veteran issues.That film premiered at The LBJ Presidential Library on November 8, 2003
in Austin, Texas to a capacity crowd of 1,500 people.  The film went on to win “The Houston International Film Festival
Best Film” in 2004. It has been shown dozens of times on Cable TV including The Military Channel. It has also been shown
at numerous film festivals across country including “The Monterey Film Festival” with box office proceeds going to support
various veteran organizations and causes. In 2005 he worked on a short PBS TV documentary in partnership with the VA
and The Pentagon Television Network called “The Art of Healing”. The film focused on the use of the art, music and writing
as a means to cope with and heal from the effects of PTSD. He developed a PTSD program for the VA to go along with the
film. His autobiography called “A Spiritual Warrior’s Journey” has been a good seller to veterans and their families since it
came out in late 2003. This book reflects on his life experiences, not only in Vietnam, but both before and afterwards. His
poetry book Purple Hearts deals with poems from the Vietnam War and has been
available to organizations to sell for fund raising. 
His other major book of poetry "Sacred Eye
- Poetry in Search of the Divine" won a $25,000 marketing and promotional award from
Booksurge Publishers (March 2004).  He is currently working on two more books (The OM Café publication for 2008 and a
follow-up non-fiction book about his adventures in India called “My Hearts Journey” in 2009.) His feature writing plans are
focused on a book about PTSD that takes in the spiritual issues involved with the healing process. That book is still
evolving. Hopefully it will be ready for publication in 2009.Bill works with several non-profit foundations doing projects for
the people of Vietnam and world peace. He has been assisting PTSD veterans and their families for over 3 decades
through his own personal support network.           He is a United Faith Ministries chaplain and gives his services free to
veteran and non-profit
organizations.  He has appeared on over 300 radio and TV broadcasts in the last 5 years where he has spoken out about
veteran related issues. He also was a co-host on KDADE web radio (Over 600,000 listeners world wide) for several years
talking about military authors and books.
He is still married to his high school sweetheart and has two grown children and 3

Volunteer Experience
•        Carlton County Guardian Ad Litem Program Child Advocate
•        Children’s Home Society of Minnesota Board of Directors
•        Pine County Developmental Achievement Center Board of Directors
•        Special Education Mainstream Project Volunteer
•        Pine County CARE Council
•        Minnesota Mental Health Association Conference Coordinator
•        Great Books Instructor
•        Parent-Teacher Association Secretary
•        Nursery School Organizer
•        Sunday School Teacher
       Becky (age 65) and husband, Gene (deceased – Oct 12, 2008), are parents of 12
children, (three deceased). They built their family by both birth and adoption. They have 18
•        Recipient of the Governor’s Marvelous Minnesota Woman Award, 1989
•        Received the prestigious B. Robert Lewis Award from the Minnesota Public Health
•        Recipient of Charlotte Striebel Long Distance Runner Award, National Organization of
Women (NOW)
•        Recipient of the Lucy Hahn, Burbara Stuhler Political Courage Award
•        Voted one of the top five Senators in a reader's survey by the Legal Ledger
•        Recipient of the Congressional Award, "Angels in Adoption" 2001
•        Voted Page's Favorite Senator 2001, 2002
•        Minnesota Women’s Press, 2005, selected as one of the “most admired” persons in
•        Recipient of the Joan and Walter Mondale Award for Public Service, 2005
•        Best Politician by City Pages (Minneapolis/St.Paul) Best of 2007
•        Woman of Distinction, Inducted 2009, DFL Women’s Hall of Fame
Minnesota Senate
Three Terms
51752 Oak Leaf Road, Kerrick, Minnesota 55756-9705
Phone: (218) 496-5528
Occupation: Business Owner/Activist/Homemaker
Education: Asbury College, KY; University of Minnesota
•        Minnesota State Senate, 1996-2006
•        Minnesota House of Representatives, 1991-1996 (served 3 terms)
Ran for DFL endorsement for Governor in 2002 and 2006
Legislative Commission and Committee Experience
•        Chair, Health and Family Security
•        Health, Human Services and Corrections Budget Division
•        Environment and Natural Resources
•        Agriculture, General Legislation and Veterans Affairs
•        Commerce
•        Legislative Commission on the Economic Status of Women
•        EMS Regulatory Board, MN Senate Representative
•        Health and Human Services Committee of the Midwestern Legislative

Conference of the Council of State Governments.
•        Health Committee of the National Conference of  State Legislatures
Assembly on Federal Issues
•        Legislative Commission on Health Care Access
•        Indian Affairs Council
•        Member, IRRRB Board
Policy Development Experience
•        Minnesota Health Care Access Commission Commissioner
•        Minnesota Public Health Association Legislative Liaison; Co-Chair, Public
•        Rural Health Advisory Committee on Health Care Reform
•        Pine County Aids Task Force Member
•        Mother’s Camp, Mental Health Association Resource Person
•        East Central Solid Waste Commission Recycling Task Force Member
•        Member of the Northern Lights Tourism Alliance Septic Symposium
•        Neighborhood Association Organizer
•        Pine County Democratic Farmer-Labor Party Co-Chair, 1984-89
•        Minnesota Farmer’s Union Member, State Delegate
Work History
•        Business Owner, Nemadji Research Corporation
•        Farmer, Kerrick, MN, 8 years
•        Graphic Artist, Self-Employed
•        Instructor, Community Education Program, 6 years
•        Administrative Assistant, Northern Lakes Health Care Consortium,
Becky Lourey Gold Star Mother, MN
Licensed Architect, NCARB Certified, San Francisco, CA
Currently Head of Design & Planning at Raker Architects located in Mill Valley, CA.  Designed and
currently in Planning approval are a variety of projects including a Baptist Church, a Gas Station,
and several Custom Homes in Marin County, California.
Prior to that, Michael was a Project Architect in the firm of Loving & Campos Architects, Inc, in
Walnut Creek, CA.  His primary responsibilities there included managing the production team from
Schematics through Construction Administration on Projects ranging from Condominiums, a Ford
Dealership, to multi-million dollar Custom Homes, detailing of the building systems, coordination &
integration of Consultant work, project scheduling, and selection of product options to maintain
and/or realign the project aesthetic to the established budget.
This involved Michael’s involvement with the programming and design of the Master Plan, as well
as layouts, design and producing the book describing and illustrating the project for potential
investors.  In addition, the partners met with various government officials in their country of origin.  
His experience also incorporated Contract writing and Administration, Client negotiations, along
with Architect-of-Record Construction Supervision.
After dissolving the Partnership, Michael took a year off from management to learn CAD skills in
one of only three firms in the United States specializing in authentic Classical Architecture.
Thanks to his formal education, a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Southern
California, he has a solid understanding of design fundamentals and appreciation for the value of
aesthetic integrity.  He is also NCARB certified.  Michael’s personal strengths include
organizational expertise regarding project management, strong communication skills, loyalty from
people who work with him, as well as a high reliability and pride in his
Sharon Lee Kufeldt.

American Legion Post # 315.

United States Air Force Veteran

Offices and Clinics of Health Practitioners, N.E.C.

PALO ALTO, CA  94303
Srikanth Rajagopalan and his twin sister Kavitha were born in North Carolina to parents from India. His
mother introduced him to the concept of yogic breathing (as a child in NC) by simply counseling him to
“breath slowly, focused toward your tummy.”  During Sri’s teenage years, in New Jersey, this seed
manifested as an interest in Eastern philosophy and yoga (and their confluence with modern science).
Coming from a large extended family that was filled with scholarly, philosophical (and garrulous) individuals
age 18.             
At 22, Sri began learning Hatha Yoga (the practice of posture, breathing and meditation) from P.
Ramanathan, a family friend and mentor who had taught yoga in America for over 30 years. Around the same
time, Sri joined the Marine Corps Reserve, graduating from Parris Island in August, 1999 and joining G Co,
(2nd Bn 25th Regiment), an infantry company in Dover, NJ. Sri’s parents strongly objected to his joining the
military, but ultimately supported him when he proceeded. While in the reserves, Sri continued to learn yoga
and began teaching as well.
In September of 2001, Sri attended a month-long yoga teacher’s training course at the Sivananda Yoga
Ranch in the Catskills Mountains. This course consisted of spartan living conditions, daily meditation, study,
and work on the ranch. What a precious gift, to experience the external events of those days through such
clear eyes! The transformative power of meditation became clear as truth. This experience was all the more
precious since it was accompanied by an understanding that the life of a yoga teacher might have to be
deferred for a while, or more precisely, take a different path. 2/25 was mobilized in 2001 and spent the year of
2002 on active duty in a supporting role at Camp Lejeune, NC. They deployed to Kosovo as part of a multi-
national peacekeeping force in 2002 and to Iraq in 2003. Although part of the initial invasion, Sri’s unit
progressed no further than An Nasiriyah, a predominantly Shia enclave in the south of Iraq. During his tour,
Sri patrolled urban neighborhoods daily, mostly on foot. After leaving active duty at the end of the year, Sri
returned to India to further study yoga, first at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, and later in
Mysore. Since returning to the U.S., Sri has again taught yoga professionally and as a service in the Charlotte,
NC area.
Srikant Rajagopalan
Former Marine, Iraq Vet, NC