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Formed in 2006-2007, the organization is a peace based organization for
members of the military who have served in the war, we are focusing on the Iraq & Afghanistan conflicts, however, this foundation is to help all war veterans . We
believe the best way to support our troops is to bring them home now and take care of them when they get here.

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"Second Homes" for our Veterans

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Patrick McCaffrey Foundation

We are ending another year and our war veterans are facing tremendous
challenges that we have never seen before.
They are suffering from physical, psychological and emotional damages,
in addition to depleted uranium exposure.
This young men and women left our country whole and return to us trouble, fragile,
deeply shocked by the disturbing scenario of war, visions that they
never will forget as human beings, they, now are in some cases,
unable to act, nor function as they once did, the memories of war
are forever embedded within their souls.

We need you to co-create the VeteransVillage.org.
The Villages will be the war veteran’s official “second home.” Our beloved
soldiers and children will be given a chance to unwind, to breath,
to return to social life, to find a new meaning, to understand themselves
again as whom they have become, and why.

Talking to other veterans will be of tremendous support and
Becoming a God Parent  to  the first

… I reported on Sarah Farmer's Lehner Foundation
earlier in the month; now there's news of another woman, Nadia
McCaffrey, using her personal pain to find a way of giving returning
troops a sanctuary from the din."
in Growing Military Family Movement Helps Returning Troops
"As painful as this time must be for McCaffrey, she's determined to
do what she can to help other returning troops who are experiencing
difficult readjustments to civilian life.
Judging by the editorial
board of the Tracy Press, she's on to something. McCaffrey's been
inspired to act by one of her late son's Iraq battle buddies."

Patrick McCaffrey Foundation

In Loving Memory of Sergeant Patrick Ryan McCaffrey
1970-2004 KIA Balad, Iraq
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